Customize Me AriaMelIsa Dress

Customize Me AriaMelIsa Dress

Custom dresses starting at $38.00. Available sizes range from newborn up to size 12. The further customization* options are additional charges. 


Choose your preferences from the following:

  • Wasit: curved, straight or drop waist
  • Length: 
  • Sleeves: tank, short sleeve, 3/4 or long sleeve; tank and long sleeve can also have an optional flutter design 
  • Lined or unlined


Customize further*

  • Add pockets
  • Change the back: open ribbon back, modest ribbon back or heart cutout


Note: The larger sizes will cost more as they require more fabric.

  • Quick disclaimer

    Everything I sell here is handmade by me. All items are inspected for quality assurance purposes before being sold. However, should you notice any imperfections upon receiving the garment, please notify me immediately. I do not refund once a garment has been worn and washed. I will always stand behind the quality of what I make and if you are unsatisfied please let me know so that I can make my best effort to fix whatever issue you may have. There is a no return policy on custom made items as they're made to order. If I wouldn't wear/use it myself I wouldn't sell it to you. I take pride in what I make and in the name I am working to make for myself.